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Hey, it doesn't look like anyone has used this in a while, but I'll try it anyway.
Mostly because when I type in the cameras name on google, this is the only thing that comes up.

Story is:
My cinema teacher has a huge stock of old and oldish cameras that she doesn't know anything about (she's a young teacher and the stock dates back to, let's say, 60s), so she has given me the opportunity to take whatever camera I want, however many I want, as long as I promise to learn how to use them and then actually use them.

I do have a glorious semi-professional video camcorder of my own that I use most often, but I do feel that it would be a worthwhile and special experience to use a true "film" camera.

The first one I chose to start was a "Cinemax C-601 Super-8", or so it says on the front. I have absolutely no idea what any of that means, and that's all that it's come as. It's lens is fine and it's only current problems are that of being very dirty, without batteries, and without film. Even the teacher had difficulty figuring out where the film goes and how to open that place.

So my questions are:
What kind of film does this darling need and where could I find it/devlop it?
and how exactly does it work?

I am a complete digital baby and I have no idea, I do know how to use slr cameras, and do recognize....some things...but overall I'm at a loss. Again, this is the only place that comes up whenever I search, so it's really the only hope.

thanks if you help, sorry to bother.
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